Bishop, Georgia
The Ancient Roots, Rich History and Enduring Spirit of a Southern Crossroad Community
by Celestea Gentry Sharp.

Sponsored by the Town of Bishop, Oconee Co, GA Wolfe Publishing Co. 1996 The book is hard bound 863 pages including index and footnotes and over 200 photographs, maps and illustrations. It traces the history from 11,000 years ago through the 1990's. Although specifically dealing with Bishop, it includes much history of Oconee county and Northeast Georgia. The book won the Georgia Historical Society "Lilla Hawes Award" for the best local history in Georgia published in the 2-year period 1996-1997. The book is $49.95 plus $5.00 shipping available through the Town of Bishop, P.O. Box 196, Bishop, GA 30621

Oconee County Georgia Marriage Records 1875-1920

This 198 page hardback book lists over 4000 marriages that took place in Oconee County from February of 1875, when the county was founded, through 1920. The marriages are indexed alphabetically by the surnames of both the grooms and the brides. Since many of these people were, at their birth, residents of Clarke County and descendants of earlier residents of Clarke County, these marriage records should be of use to many Clarke County researchers as well as those researching in Oconee County. Furthermore, people of color were so noted on the licenses and this information has been included in the book. This makes it easier for those researching African Americans who were in Oconee County in this time period, many whom may be linked to the farms of the earlier Clarke County whites. Price: $23 including shipping and handling. Send check (payable to COGS) and a note of request to: COGS, P.O. Box 6403, Athens, GA 30604

Cemetery Inscriptions of Oconee County, Georgia

This 401 page book includes the records of 8700 burials in 112 cemeteries in Oconee County. Paperback $25, Hardback $35 (Prices include shipping and handling). Checks should be made payable to COGS and sent: COGS, P.O. Box 6403, Athens, GA 30604. Index of names for Cemetery Inscriptions of Oconee County, Georgia.

Oconee County, Georgia Abstract of Wills 1875-1966
Compiled by Fred W. McRee, Jr.

This 128 page book includes extensive abstracts of all 333 wills recorded in Oconee County Will Books A and B and a full name index including testators (in caps), legatees, executors, witnesses and others mentioned in the text. Each will includes reference to the book and page number of the original document. Hardback $24 (Price includes shipping).Checks should be made payable to COGS and sent: COGS, P.O. Box 6403, Athens, GA 30604.

History of the People of Mars Hill Baptist Church & Community 1799-1999
by Amy Warren Sanders

Browse through 200 years of history and see who is kin to whom in this small community that now lies in Oconee County, Georgia. Mars Hill Baptist Church was originally on land that formed part of Jackson County, then was cut off into Clarke County when it was formed in 1801. Extensive genealogies of the families that lived in the Mars Hill community make your research easier. Photos of the historical events of the church, such as lightning causing the burning of the 1850s church building; the rebuilding of the new sanctuary; and preparations for the bicentennial celebration in June 1999 have been included. Available at Family Puzzlers website.

The Hardegree/Haridgree Family
by Nova A. Lemons

The 726 page hardback book details the history of the Hardegree / Hardigree families, mainly the lines of these Hardegree siblings - Jonathan, Eleanor Pond Brockwell, and William. The family moved from Caswell Co., NC to the area of Oglethorpe, Clarke and Oconee Counties. Photos, maps, articles on the Elders, Fambroughs, and Grimes, and a wealth of information on descendants along with full name index. To order the book send $70.00 plus $5.00 s/h to Nova Lemons, 12206 Brisbane Ave., Dallas, TX 75234-6528.