Various Cemeteries

These are various small cemeteries scattered throughout the county with only one or two legible markers. If there are other obvious unmarked graves those will be noted as well.

Clarke, William, Jul 27 1761, Jan 17 1819
This appears to have been a table top gravestone that broke, and the pieces have all been piled together. The location is approximately a half mile south of Watsons Spring Road on Old Watson Springs Road. The GPS coordinates are: N3344.528' W08319.802'. This single grave cemetery was photographed by Natalie Davis on March 28, 2008.

Davenport, Henry, Aug 26 1784, Oct 20 1862
McWhorter, C.W. (Mrs), blank, Aug 28 1883
The Davenport Cemetery is located in the back yard of a house on Salem Road and is well kept. The GPS coordinates are N3343.741' W08323.252'. It was photographed on April 23, 2008 by Natalie Davis and Sidney Harvey.

Dobbins, America R., Feb 20 1851, Jul 16 1895, w/o E.S.
The Dobbins plot is located about 50 yards off of Old Farmington Road. The GPS coordinates for this cemetery are: N3348.408' W08324.471'. It was photographed on March 13, 2008 by Natalie Davis.

Durden, Betty T., Feb 4 1928, Jan 22 1996
The Durden plot is off New High Shoals Road, next to the Durden house. The GPS coordinates for this cemetery are: N3350.127' W08328.734'. It was photographed on April 23, 2008 by Natalie Davis.

Elder, Martha J., Oct 14 1887, Jan 14 1890, d/o D.R. & Sallie
This stone is located on the west side of McRees Mill Road. The GPS coordinates for this cemetery are: N3350.719 W08319.883'. It was photographed by Natalie Davis on February 9, 2007. The cemetery consists of 3 rock walled plots with room for up to an additional dozen graves, all unmarked.

Farmer, James E., Jul 19 1918, Sep 4 1965, shared stone w/Frances
Farmer, Frances H., Sep 17 1923, Feb 7 1999, shared stone w/James E.

The tombstone is located adjacent to the parking lot of Friendship Church on Malcom Bridge Road. The GPS coordinates for this cemetery are: N3354.122' W08330.282'. Photographed on February 28, 2008 by Natalie Davis.

Greer, James, 1742, 1825, VA 1st Lt VA Militia Rev War
The gravesite is now on private property which was his property originally. The DAR is supposed to have placed a marker there , but not right on the gravesite; in fact outside the property. This is in DAR book. The property was described in a Greer book as being about 16 miles west of Athens on Hog Road - submitted by Mary L. Barnes

Lowe, John H., no dates, Medlin's Indpt Co GA Inf CSA
Lowe, William H., no dates, Co L 3 Ga Inf CSA
This cemetery is located between two houses in Lane Creek Golf Course subdivision where Lane Creek Drive dead ends into Deer Trail. The GPS coordinates are: N33 50.303' W08332.617'. This cemetery was surveyed on April 10, 2008 by Natalie Davis.

Overby, Asenath Caroline, blank, Jun 1 1853, w/o B.H m/o Ann Olivia, Mary Frances, Nicholas, Barton, Basil Earle & Asenath Caroline d/o Barton & Frances Thrasher, died in Atlanta, 32y6m.
Thrasher-Overby Cemetery is located about a mile off Macon Highway at the lower end of the county. The GPS coordinates are N3344.147' W08326.737'. This cemetery was transcribed by Natalie Davis and Sidney Harvey on April 17 2008. It is a large granite block walled cemetery with room for approximately 30 people.

Shellnut, Buster B., 1909, 1971
This stone is located at N3350.239'W08329.117' on New Shoals Road between Allens Way and Spring Valley Way on the south side of the road. Submitted by Natalie Davis on January 26, 2007.

Tarpley, Erin Suzanne, Feb 8 1983, Nov 27 2006     (back of marker)
Tall Cedars cemetery is located in the pasture at Tall Cedars Farm on Moores Ford Road half a mile from the intersection with Lane Creek Road. The GPS coordinates for this cemetery are: N3352.394' W08334.079'. This cemetery was surveyed by Ned Dawson and Becky Barnette on Apr 10, 2008.

Tigner, Phillip, blank, Jan 6 1819, Capt 2 In Ga Mil
Captain Tigner cemetery is located behind the horse corral on the north side of the road on Beechnut Lane. The GPS coordinates are N3348.412' W08321.902'. This cemetery was transcribed by Natalie Davis and Ned Dawson on March 28, 2008. There might be another 10 unmarked graves as well. Folklore states that Captain Tigner's daughters were taken by Indians and that he bargained with the captors by offering his life for their release.

Warfield, Gary Stephen (DVM), Jun 27 1955, Sep 30 1988
This stone is locate .8 miles down Paula Place from the interesection with Colham Ferry Road, off the road about 300 feet to the North, in a few trees next to the holly bush. The GPS coordinates for this location are N3346.778' W08322.523'.

Photographed by Natalie Davis on February 2, 2008.