Various Unmarked Cemeteries

Barber Cemetery: Located on Latham Drive, GPS coordinates: N3352.647' W08325.757'. A nice rock wall surrounds an unknown number of unmarked graves. The family feels confident that James and Penelope Barber, with unknown additional relatives are buried in this plot. This cemetery was originally deeded by Griffin Barber.

Butler Farm: Around 5 visible graves, some marked with field stones. Current neighbors say that Mr. Butler, whom used to own the property told them that he remembered helping his father dig the last grave when he was around 10 years of age, and thought that the person being buried was from the city of Monroe. The cemetery is in the trees at the end of Patrick Place, GPS coordinates N3352.191' W08326.304'. The wire fencing around the plots (now falling down) was placed by the current owners many years ago.

Harville Land Cemetery: is located at GPS coordinates N3344.870' W08323.523' off Salem Road a couple of miles into pasture land. There are four fieldstone marked graves with several of the stones being particularly long and obvious, probably for children's graves. The current owners know nothing about who might be buried there, but they bought the land from the Harvilles.

Hunt Club Cemetery: is located on the land at the end of Old Madison Highway used for a hunt club. The GPS coordinates for this cemetery are: N3342.834' W08324.949'. There is one semi-circular unengraved stone, one 2 foot long column-like piece of granite and one fieldstone marked grave.

Jacks Cemetery: is located on a bank on Caruth Road about 2000 ft. North of intersection with Watson Springs Road. It is a rock walled plot with room for about 3 graves. The GPS coordinates for this cemetery are: N3344.775' W08320.985'. The landowner's aunt said that family members came looking for the cemetery and said the family name was Jacks, but nobody knows for sure.

Lost Cemetery: About 3000 feet before Middlebrooks Rd. dead ends there are two dirt roads on either side of the street, take the one going West, shortly before the house there will be a dirt track leading north. Shortly afterwards there is a clear through way for the high voltage electrical lines, follow the north side for 1000 feet, the cemetery is located in the brush to the east. The GPS location for this cemetery is N3342.667 W08324.095'. There are possibly a dozen field stone marked graves.

Middlebrooks Cemetery: The GPS coordinates for this cemetery are N3342.931 W08323.061 and located deep in the pines off Salem Road. This is an African-American cemetery with one unmarked cement slab and an additional 30 graves marked only with fieldstone or detectable by the sinks.

Osborn Cemetery: You can find the stones by going about 50 feet behind the residence at 1251 Tall Oaks Road and going down an old roadbed for about a thousand feet. There are two graves for Nicholas & Nancy Osborn.