Huff Cemetery

Deed to Huff Cemetery Recorded in Book J, Pages 367-68, June 7, 1912, in Oconee County, Georgia, Courthouse. The cemetery is located on the Colham Ferry Road four miles south of Watkinsville, Georgia.

This Indenture made this seventh day of June 1912 between Walter A. Poulnot Earle M. Poulnot and Swep O. Poulnot legal heirs of John B. and Martha A. Poulnot all of the County of Oconee said state of the one part and A. H. Morton Ordinary of said County and his successors in office, as Trustees forever of the other part Witnesseth, That for in consideration of the sum of five Dollars in hand paid to us and the love and affection we have for our deceased parents named above they being buried on said plot of ground and for the kind regard we have for all the people of the Community surrounding said plot of ground - We, the said Walter A. Poulnot Earle M. Poulnot and Swep O. Poulnot hath bargained sold, remised and forever quitclaimed and doth by these presents hereby bargain sell, remise and forever quitclaim unto said A. H. Morton Ordinary of said County and his lawful successors in the office of said ordinary in trust for the public forever as a burial ground - one side for white people, the other side for Colored people as designated on plat hereto attached and made a part of this deed. The white people may if it becomes necessary but not before all their side has been used bury their dead on the Colored peoples side of said lot but the Colored people shall never be allowed to Bury their dead on the White peoples side - The Colored people may use as much land south of the dividing line as will be necessary only for a cemetery until all the land south of said line has been used for burial purposes only and at no time, and under no conditions, shall a Colored person ever be buried north of said dividing line, and said two acres of land shall remain uncultivated forever and that no private house of any description shall ever be erected thereon nor shall it ever again become or used as private property of or by anyone. Said Trustees to hold and see that the following described property is used only for the purpose of a public burial ground as stated above unless the white people of said community should build a Church thereon, to wit, Two and seven one hundred acres more or less known as the Old Huff Graveyard in Wild Cat District of said County and the roadway out to the Public Road nearby and more fully described in a plat hereto attached and made a part of this deed.

If said Public Road should ever be moved nearer said Cemetery then said Roadway extending beyond the new road shall become the property of the owner of the land adjoining it. This deed is also meant to convey title to enough land on both sides of roadway to Cemetery at entrance for vehicles to enter upon burying ground without tresspassing on dividing line. Said Cemetery may be used by any nationality for a burying ground free of charge. Said A. H. Morton as Ordinary and his successors in office as trustees as aforesaid shall have and hold the above described property forever in trust for the purpose herein above stated. The pine timber now standing on said land excepted.

In witness whereof the said Walter A. Poulnot Earl M. Poulnot and Swepson O. Poulnot have hereunto set their hand and affixed their seals the day and year above written.

Walter A. Poulnot
Earle M. Poulnot
Swep O. Poulnot

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of
B. P. Jackson J. W. Athon, Clerk Supr. Court, O.C.

(The deed is followed by a plat. The land on which the cemetery is located belonged originally to Henry Huff. Henry Huff's granddaughter, Martha A. Huff Poulnot, later inherited the land on which the cemetery is located, and, after her death, her sons deeded the cemetery to the Oconee County Ordinary and his successors in office.)

Contributed by Lawrence Huff