Bertha Lou Phillips

Oconee Enterprise
Friday, March 16, 1928
Page One

Miss Phillips Dies at Home in Farmington on Thursday Morning

I can not say - I will not say - That she is dead; she is just away
With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand
She has wandered into an unknown land,
And left us dreaming how very fair
It needs must be since she lingers there.

Just as the sun was riding above the eastern horizon on March 8th, 1928, the soul of Bertha Lou Phillips was plucked from the garden of the plucked from the garden of young womanhood by the hands of the Great Reaper. She was born November 28, 1905 in Oconee county, Ga. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I.C. Phillips. She leaves to mourn her death, besides her parents, two sisters and three brothers.

The funeral services were conducted at the grave, by Rev. E.L. Shelnutt, after which her body was tenderly laid to rest in the Elder cemetery.

We miss her, but God takes the beautiful and best to be with Him. And may we think of her not as dead, but as transplanted to a sweeter, purer life and -

Someday when all the flowers
Have given their last perfume,
And birds have sung forever
Their last and final tune.
You are gone but not forgotten
Never shall your memory fade.
Sweetest thought shall ever linger,
Around the grave where your age lain.
The flowers we lay upon your grave
May wither and decay
But the love for you, dear Bertha Lee,
Will never fade away.
No one knows the silent heart aches,
Only those who have lost can tell
Of grief that, borne in silence
For the one we loved so well.
And when we have arrived at last
At that Heaven of perfect rest,
With smiling face, prayerful lips
We shall whisper
"God knew best."