David J. Partee

Athens Banner-Herald
Sunday July 9, 1939 Page Six
Page 8

Funeral Notice

Partee – The relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Partee of Savannah, Ga., formerly of Oconee county; Mr. and Mrs. F.D. Chapman of Savannah, Ga.; Mrs. Beulah Huff of Famington, Ga.; Mr. W.B. Partee of Athens; Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Saxon of Savannah, Ga., and Miss Elizabeth St. Clair of Savannah, Ga.; are invited to attend the funeral of Mr. D.J. Partee this Sunday morning, Jul 9th, 1939, from the Bishop Christion (sic) church, at eleven (11:00) o’clock. The pastor of the church will officiate. Mr. W.D. Barnett, Mr. A.E. Porter, Mr. L.H. Barnett, Mr. Otis Bridges, Mr. John Chandler, and Mr. L.H. Saxon will serve as pallbearers and will please meet at the church at 10:45 o’clock. Interment will be in the family cemetery near Bishop, Ga. McDorman-Bridges.