Guy J. Thurmond

Oconee Enterprise
Friday, May 15, 1925
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Mrs. G.S. Bowman Kills Thurmond Tuesday Morning

Mrs. G.S. Bowman, whose husband was shot down last November on the streets of Statham by Guy J. Thurmond, Tuesday morning encountered her husband's assailant in front of the Bank of Statham and shot him dead. Mrs. Bowman fired five shots into tre (sic) body of Thurmond before he crumpled in the street mortally wounded as a dozen or more dazed eye-witnesses looked on.

Mrs. Bowman is said by neighbors to have been almost crazed at times and always brooding over the death of her husband at Thurmond's hands and that Tuesday's shooting is but the result of her state of mind.

About 9:15 o'clock, just five minutes before the northbound S.A.L. local was due at the station, Mrs. Bowman met Thurmond on the main street, in front of the Bank of Statham which closed its doors a few days ago, and asked him about her husband's pistol which she had never been able to recover since he was shot last fall by Thurmond. Eye witnesses stated that Thurmond replied, with a smile, that he supposed the sheriff had it. "I know he hasn't because I have asked him," she replied. With the remark the angered woman pulled a thirty-eight calibre (sic) pistol and began firing at Thurmond at close range. Thurmond turned and ran into the store of H.E. Beddingfield but Mrs. Bowman followed him to the door and continued shooting until she had fired five shots. Two of the shots struck Thurmond in the right chest, two in the back and one in the arm. After entering the store Thurmond wheeled about and ran out again and as he passed Mrs. Bowman she snapped the gun at him again, but all the bullets were spent. The fatally wounded man staggered into the street less than ten feet from where the first shot was fired and fell dead. Mrs. Bowman calmly turned and walked back down the street until she met the chief of police, Sam Wall, who was at the depot to meet the train, and her brother, D.T. Hammond. She was taken into a store nearby and in a few minutes was taken to Barrow county jail at Winder.