J. M. Odum

Oconee Enterprise
Friday, September 25, 1925
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J.M. Odhum Dies From Gun Shot Wounds Monday

J.M. Odum, aged 62, was carried to the Athens General Hospital last Friday night suffering from a gunshot wound inflicted by his son-in-law who is also his nephew, John Odum. Mr. Odum was shot in the abdomen.

According to Deputy Sheriff Will Tuggle of Eatonton who says the younger man shot his father in law and uncle because the latter was whipping Mrs. Odum, Jr.

Sheriff Tuggle stated the elder Odum and his daughter and her husband live in the same house in Putnam county just across the Morgan county line. Buckhead in Morgan county is the nearest community.

Mr. Odum died Sunday night and his remains were shipped to Buckhead on the Central of Georgia train early Monday morning.

Mr. Odum senior was brought to the hospital in Athens by his son, F.L. Odum and nephew, Ada Odum. Mr. Odum was brought to Athens on the train and had been shot nine hours before reaching the hospital.

Tuesday afternoon Sheriff Crowley and deputy sheriff Fambro and Mr. Phlem Spratling were notified that Mr. and Mrs. John Odum and children were at the home of Mr. Clarence Elder, some distance below town. They proceeded to Mr. Elder's home where Mrs. Odum and children were and were told that Mr. Odum had just left for Putnam county where he had decided to give up. Mr. Fambro saw a person in another room and upon investigation it was found to be Mr. John Odum. He was arrested and is now in jail here awaiting instructions from the sheriff of Putnam county. Mrs. Odum and two children are staying at the hotel.