Mira E. Miller

Athens Banner-Herald
Monday, April 22, 1929
Page 3

Miss M.E. Miller Dies in Oconee

Miss Mira E. Miller, aged 76, died at her home in Oconee county at 4:30 o'clock this morning. She was ill one year.

Funeral services will be conducted at the graveside at 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning by Rev. Mr. Maxie, pastor of the Christian church of which Miss Miller was a member. Interment will be in Bearden cemetery, with the following pallbearers: Messrs, O.D. Chandler, A.E. Porter, E.F. Huff, James Poulnott, J.E. Turnbull, J.E. Chandler.

Miss Miller is survived by two borthers, Messrs. R.F. Miller and A.L. Miller. Bernstein Brothers Funeral Home will have charge of arrangements.