Mrs. W. E. Fortson & Children

Oconee Enterprise
Friday, March 5, 1926
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Elberton Woman and Four Children die at Grade Crossing

Elberton, Ga. - A grade crossing accident near here Sunday night claimed a fearful toll when a mother, her four children ranging in age from 2 to 12 years were killed, and the father and son were seriously injured when Seaboard Air Line passenger train number 48 struck an automobile seven miles west of Elberton.

The dead are, Mrs. W.E. Fortson, and four children, Hattie, 11; Lena, 6; Beatrice, 4; and Earl, 2. The injured are W.E. Fortson, and a son, William, who were seriously hurt, but will recover, physicians say. The accident occurred about 7 o'clock at Oglesby's crossing of the Seaboard railroad on the Elberton-Athens highway.

According to information reaching here, Mr. Fortson, who was returning to Elberton in his car, stop a local train from the east and not hearing any sound, proceeded to cross the track when his automobile was struck by the S.A.L. fast train running from Atlanta to Washington. The car was knocked some distance and it was a horrible sight that greeted the eyes of the trainmen who stopped and rushed to the scene of the accident.

The dead and injured were hastily placed aboard the train which came to Elberton. The injured persons were rushed to the Elberton hospital were two of the children, Beatrice and Earl, died a short time afterward.

Mr. Fortson, who is 45 years old, is a member of the firm of the Elberton Machine works and the family is one of the most prominent here.