Sarah J. Maxey

Oconee Enterprise
Friday, June 3, 1927
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Mrs. B.A. Maxey Crosses Mystic Bar

Sick only a few days, her eighty years being too great a handicap to cope with, death kissed still the eyelids of Mrs. Sarah J. Maxey, beloved wife of Mr. Barney A. Maxey, Wednesday afternoon just as the sun sank into the west at the close of day.

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. S R Grubb, of Athens, from Union church yesterday afternoon, interment following in the church cemetery.

Mrs. Maxey was one of twenty-one children of the late Jesse Butler, only one of whom now survives, Mrs. B F Brown of Morgan county.

Our heart's tender sympathy goes out in full measure to her aged consort and all other loved ones who grieve and sorrow at the passing of this noble soul.