W. Ed Harris

Oconee Enterprise
Friday, September 29, 1916

Mr. W.E. Harris Is Dead

After long months of ill-health, the last few days being confined to his bed, and since Saturday morning last in a comatose condition, Mr. W. Ed Harris breathed his last at about 9:40 o'clock Tuesday night of this week.

Ed Harris was known to nearly everyone in the county in one way or another, he having in years gone by dealt with the general public both in harness-making and ginning business. Fact is, he was the first man in Georgia to put ginning to a dollar a bale, when he operated the Alliance Gin here and another at Cross Roads, which price for ginning has since been put into general practice throughout the state. While operating his ginneries he invariably ginned the crops of widow women free of charge, they only having to pay him the actual cost of bagging and ties.

In his better days, when he had the means, he rarely ever turned a deaf ear to the appeals of the less fortunate, and many acts of genuine charity and kindness, therefore, is to his everlasting credit.

His remains were interred in the Watkinsville cemetery Wednesday afternoon, Rev. W.W. Carroll in Feeling manner conducting the last sad rites at the grave.

"There is so much good in the worst of us, And so much bad in the best of us, It ill behooves any of us, To talk a about the rest of us."

May he rest in peace.