Wiley A. Thornton

The Athens Banner
Friday morning, December 24, 1897


Funeral of Mr. Wiley A. Thornton Yesterday.

From Thursday's Banner.

Yesterday the remains of Mr. Wiley A. Thornton were carried to Mars Hill, Oconee county, for interment.

They were followed to their last resting place by quite a number friends and relatives, and a large number of friends and acquaintances had gathered at Mars Hill when the funeral cortege reached that place.

The funeral services ere solemn and impressive, and amidst the mourning of all present the remains of the beloved dead were tenderly laid to rest.

Mr. Thornton was an old and well known citizen of this city and section. He was a man of sterling worth and decided character. He clung tenaciously to the simple faith of his fathers, and his life was crowned with many loving deeds.

As a soldier he was one of the bravest of the brave. He left Oconee county in 1862 along with eight brothers for the front, and served valiantly in the company commanded by Capt. Isaac S. Vincent.

After the war he returned to his native state and along with her other noble sons started to work to rehabilitate her interests.

Mr. Thornton was a highly-esteemed citizen, and in his death the community, as well as his relatives and friends, feel the loss sustained.

Wiley A. Thornton 

Transcribed by Connie Epps Bond