William H. Kidd

Oconee Enterprise
Friday, February 3, 1928
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Tragic Accident W.H. Kidd Killed By Falling Tree

According to the testimony of the following named witnesses, L.O. Hill, Charlie Lester, and Lambert Griffeth, a Coroner's jury composed of Dr. L.H. Elder, Foreman, and W.F. Brewer, W.J.E. Murray, W.H. Eberhart, and E. Hardigree, rendered a verdict reading as follows:

"We the Jury, find that W.H. Kidd came to his death by being crushed by a falling tree. This the First day of February, A.D. 1298" (Signed) L.H. Elder, M.D.

I Certify that the foregoing verdict as to the death of W.H. Kidd was rendered after the Jurors named hereon had been duly sworn. This February 1st, 1928. (Signed) W.I. Dooley.

It seems that Mr. Kidd, in attempting to cut a foot log across the branch on the farm of Mr. Jim Griffeth, failed to cut the tree entirely off the stump, and when it fell it jumped back and crushed Mr. Kidd against another tree.