Asa Gwynn Autry

Asa Gwynn Autry 

Asa Gwynn Autry, born in 1884, was the son of Joel C. and Elizabeth “Bettie” East Autry. He was a lifelong resident of Oconee County. He married Clyde Maxey in 1905 and they had 3 daughters and one son.

In 1931 Asa was gored by a bull, which punctured his lung. Over a period of several years a fungus grew in this lung and eventually caused him to be bedridden from about 1934 until his death in 1937. As a youngster Charles remembers him only in a white nightshirt (as in this picture, which was taken in about 1937).

The only other picture we have of him is at age 16, taken with the rest of the J.C. Autry family. Charles remembers that he loved Coca-Cola and a 24 bottle case cost $1.00 which was “BIG” money in the 30’s.

He was a member of Rays Methodist Church and Union Christian Church. His parents are buried at Rays Church and he, his wife, and two daughters are buried at Union Church.

Contributed by Charles W. Brown.