Dr. Marion Huff

Marion Huff 

Doctor Marion Huff (January 8, 1838--April 8, 1909) enlisted March 4, 1862, in the Johnson Guards, which became Company C, 44th Georgia Infantry Regiment. This regiment served in the Army of Northern Virginia, Doles-Cook Brigade, Rodes Division, 3rd Army Corps. Doctor Marion Huff was wounded in right leg at Chancellorsville, Virginia, on May 2, 1863, and admitted to CSA General Hospital #11 at Charlotte, North Carolina. Because of his wound, he did not return to active military service but worked in a number of military hospitals. After the war he returned to Georgia, married Evelyn Smith, and they raised a family of seven children. Doctor Marion Huff is buried in the Huff Cemetery in Oconee County, Georgia.

Contributed by Lawrence Huff.