William Willoughby

I, William Williby of the state and county aforesaid being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and testament (wit)

1. It is my bid that all my debts be paid.

2. I give and bequeath unto my sons Tomas F and David Williby one tract of land in the fourteen district of Dooly county number one hundred and eighty in addition to what I have already them.

3. I give unto the children of my son William B. Williby, dec1d, one tract of land in the second district of Dooley county, numbering sixth four acres.

4. I give to William Giles, my Son in law, a certain tract of land whereon he now live, bounded as follows, beginning at the stake in the plantation whereon I now live and near where said Giles lives,running a straight line east to an oak on Thurmonds line and thence with Thurmonds line to my back line and then with the old county to an oak corner and thence in a straight line to the beginning corner a stake, containing one hundred acres more of less

5. I have given to my son Robert Williby by deed a tract of land whereon he now live containing eighty acres more or less

6. I have given to my son in law Nathaniel Pridgeon one Negro girl by the name of Mary.

7. I give unto my son George, and Son Randle for five years, the land and plantation whereon I now live together will all my stock of every kind and kitchen furniture, plantation tools, cotton gin, and my Negro man Hampton, and negro woman Hannah, and at the expiration of the said five years, the land to equally between my four sons James, Ellis, George and Randle-and all my property named in this clause and not otherwise disposed to be sold and the money equally divided among all my children, and the children of my son William B. Williby dec1d and if my Son Ellis should marry the division of the land or should wish to settle he is at liberty to do so on the land provided he does no interfere with the plantation.

8. I give to my daughter Agnes, one Negro boy by the name of John

9. I give to my daughter Elizabeth one Negro girl by the name of Charity.

10 It is will that the expiration of five years after my death, in addition the remainder of the property left, my sons George and Randle should each receive a horde of the value of eighty dollars.

11. I give to my two daughters Agness and Elizabeth all my household furniture, after give to George and Randle one bed and furniture for chairs and a table, knives and forks and spoons and plates for them to use, and at the division the articles given to them in the clause to be sold and the money applied in the seventh blank

12. if either of my unmarried children should marry before the division of my estate, it is my will that my Executor hereafter named should give each child or children such part of my stock as can be spared from the plantation if in his judgment it will not injure the interest of George and Randle, taking care to leave them a sufficiency and no more.

13. I give to George and Randle Williby on lot of land in the County of Troup Sixth District drawn by me as a revolutions soldier in addition to what I have given in this will.

14. I hereby give the guardianship of the person and property of two sons George and Randle to my son David Williby, for my George during his minority and believing that Randle not be capable or capable of managing his own property. It is my that my son David Williby have the control of his property and manage it for him unless he should tome time in the future period be of an opinion that he is capable of acting for himself in that case he mad his property to him.

I do here appoint my son David Williby and John H. Lowe, my Executors to this my last will and testament and in witness where I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 24 day of January 1827. William Williby (his mark) in the presence of Cyrus Baldwin unreadable Jones, and John Jacks.

Nov Term, 1829 Examined, approved and ordered to be recored. Recorded the 10th Nov., 1829.

Contributed by Jim Willoughby